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Mens Cartier Roadster Watch Review

Cartier is a word which conjures ideas of prestige, taste, and wealth. The title alone warrants much, including a huge amount of instant attention every time it’s put on to any accessory. Perhaps you think that’s an unfair characterization? Consider your rebuttal very carefully. Think of your friends and family, and the attainable strangers on the road who when asked whether they wish anything from Cartier will answer with anything apart from “of course.”

I was able to play with one of those miraculous little items for some time. One that’s closer to the entry level from the manufacturer, though still expensive, but still Cartier. This’s the new Cartier Roadster S. Part of the brand’s drive to help keep their product title relevant in fear of some years where generally high spending in the boutiques of theirs may wane a bit. And, it’s great for every luxury brand name to get as complete a product line as they are able to – from the basic level to the very high end. Cartier isn’t just pushing higher and higher because of their sophisticated and thoughtful in house made motion based watches, but are keen on becoming a lot more available to individuals on the lower end of the luxury scale as well.

Saying “lower end” is somewhat of a misnomer. The Cartier Roadster S nevertheless begins at $4,200, still at a level considered high roller to most. While doing so, a Cartier watch may be worth saving up for than other timepieces. Cartier makes a very polished watch. They’ve been doing this for some time, and errors that may occur in design are very few. Serious watch lovers are likely to be very curious about parts like their unique Calibre collection which consists of a whole new in house made automated movement, but Roadster followers will adore this brand new watch.

The Roadster S is definitely a Roadster, but a scaled down model. Additionally, people that find the authentic Roadster watch to be a little odd in design will love the Roadster S. It retains similar shape, but with another temperament. I have a tendency to think of it as good “starter Cartier.” It’s not likely to be very easy to go from higher end Cartier towards the Roadster S, but the reverse scenario in very easily feasible. Nevertheless, the watch is an extremely satisfying timepiece for the great bulk of watch wearers across the United Arab Emirates.

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Cartier Roadster Watch Review UAE



The Roadster S loses the elaborate sapphire crystal with magnifier lens which is part of the crown assembly. Additionally, it does away with the screws on the front of the watch along with a somewhat more complicated case construction. While nearly all Cartier watches have bluish crown cabochon crystals, the Roadster line does not. Essentially the Roadster is Cartier’s variation of the tonneau shaped (sort of barrel shaped) watch. They’ve done it well, even though I do not typically love this watch design, I love the Roadster. Coming in several sizes, Roadster watches have “small, large, medium, as well as additional large sizes.” The Roadster S is considered a big watch by Cartier. Yet I will put it in the moderate category. While the face of it is technically approximately 46mm wide, that’s because of the sort of large bulge and crown in the midst of the situation.

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As you are able to see the Roadster S isn’t a large watch. Though it’s really comfortable. Not too heavy, the curved case rests on the wrist with no fuss. It hugs the arm of yours also, and doesn’t glide around (at least not on the rubber strap version). Looking at the edge of the situation you are able to realize that the entire thing is curved, including the sapphire crystal (just a bit). The steel case enjoys a good quality refine on par with Cartier’s reputation. Many individuals that chose the authentic Roadster watch a little strange in style will probably get the Roadster S a lot easier on the eye. Though I must confess the regular Roadster is a design which grows on you.

Cartier provides the Roadster S in 2 colors – an all steel edition on the metal bracelet, which steel type with and aDLC bezel on the rubber strap. This version is regarded as the sporty piece so far – likely one of the more sporty watches Cartier has previously released. Light, and nimble on the wrist, it’s a great watch for activity. The rubber strap may be modified to be restricted, making for a safe fit. Just a couple of years back Cartier began to enjoy with aDLC – a slightly different use of DLC (diamond as carbon) coating. It covers steel (or different metals) and then tends to make it black (or ostensibly various other shades as well). aDLC will work because (if accomplished right) it provides a uniform appearance, plus is highly scratch resistant. To the knowledge of mine, Cartier does not “do black” frequently, and also aDLC is 1 of the very first ventures into getting black timepieces. Their very first was an aDLC coated model of a Santos watch. Just the rubber strapped edition of the Roadster S has the aDLC coated bezel. It’s a nicely brushed surface to contrast with the polished situation. It makes for an honest look which runs in to the black rubber strap. The strap is patterned a little (only at the conclusion parts) to look as all the backlinks on the metallic bracelets. The steel bracelet edition of the watch has a somewhat scaled-down version of the bracelet utilized on the standard Roadster. A curious like bracelet with long, thin metal links.


The Dial on the Roadster is quite impressive, and fully Cartier. The sapphire crystal, while curved a little, is exceptionally sharp. Lots of AR covering along with a completely even crystal thickness ensures an entirely glare and distortion free appearance in nearly all viewing angles. Other watch makers have to search to Cartier to model the crystals of theirs and AR coatings. You would rarely known anything was across the dial at times. Using a somewhat simpler variant of the Roadster switch design, the Roman numerals as well as internal hour marker ring turn the watch pleasant to read through. Overall the switch on the Roadster S is quite like that on the Roadster. There’s a fresh outline on the band of in which the bullet shaped magnifier lens was once to keep the shape. I like that Cartier uses a dark colored disc for the particular date with a bronze colors font. Very classy. The watch hands are legible and simple, with applied SuperLumiNova.


Inside the watch is Cartier’s automated Calibre 049 – which I really believe is a foundation ETA 2892 movement. A good movement that works okay, but is not anything fancy. It’s a great movement to experience in a sport watch given its relative degree of durability. While this’s no action adventure watch, with its lower weight, hundred meters of water resistance, and good fit, you can be easily “active” with the watch and never have it impede you way too much. Though I would suggest folks avoid wild stuff in nice watches for obvious reasons.

The Strap

There aren’t many problems with this watch, but I’ve a couple of concerns about the rubber strap. Something I do like is Cartier’s usage of fast release on the casing for the straps. You are able to quickly get rid of the straps (or bracelet) easily without the need for any tools. That’s a great touch, and the mechanism for this watch is effective. In fact, the strap release mechanism is patented and designed by IWC, and that is the method used here I think. IWC is a mother Richemont Group watch brand name along with Cartier, as well as IWC licensed this technology to Cartier. I provided a good closeup picture of the strap release mechanism.

The strap is okay, however the clasp is exactly where the problem is. For starters, the method of tucking in strap excess to conceal it’s great in theory. The way it uses a simple tension structure here with nothing actually securing it. What this means is the fact that the strap is going to loosen over time, or perhaps if pulled on. Driving you to “tighten” it. The straps tuck in on each side of the clasp to make certain you are able to place the clasp at the bottom part of the wrist of yours.

Wearing the watch, I discovered I had to occasionally adjust it for a great fit. It’s simple enough to do, but is not a great method for just a luxury timepiece. This is not a problem obviously with a metal bracelet, but at minimum with the strap you can get yourself a more exact fit.

An issue I have, is the extra rubber strap creeps out from under the strap. Not a huge deal, however you are going to see it coming out a good deal from the time to time. Finally, I wish Cartier will develop locking clasps. They use tension clasps on many of the watches of theirs. These simply use a little bit of stress to’ snap” a clasp shut and into position. A jolt is able to undo the clasp, or perhaps damage over time is able to cause them to become meet less securely. Rolex on the flip side is known for perfectly engineered locking bracelets and clasps. Cartier should definitely look into building such things on their own. I’m not an authority on every single Cartier deployment clasp available, but they need a few (or more) locking clasps on the watches of theirs. The exposed clasp itself is pretty easy. Is like a letter “C” with a vertical line through it. No Cartier title (unless the “C” is for Cartier), and also it’s fairly minimalist (though well polished).


Unlike many high end watches, mainstream society understands and respects Cartier. As part of the review of mine I had taken the Roadster S to Las Vegas to find out how it fared in “flaunt your wealth” territory. Say what you’ll about Las Vegas, but you will find several other areas in the US where a lot of folks wear decent watches. While the Roadster S is pretty unassuming by Cartier requirements, the Roadster shaped is fairly popular. I imagine lots of people have been thrown through the tan rubber strap (not really common Cartier character), however it ought to have been obvious what I was using. If anything, I felt as though I was adorning a Las Vegas approved timepiece – essential to ensuring you’re correctly obtained by idea optimistic helpers. You do not always want “stealth wealth,” as well as on the “notice my great watch list” must remain a Cartier. Cartier does not load the Roadster S with lots of surprises, nevertheless it doesn’t disappoint either.

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