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Rolex Watches with Price in Dubai, UAE

You’ve decided on Rolex as the brand for your Luxury Timepiece? If so you’re going to want to find the right Rolex Watches at the best price in Dubai UAE – here we have you covered.

The Online Retail market is not as established as the west but several trusted retailers do exist that serve the market in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. If your searching for New & Used Rolex Watches Price in UAE, this is the page for you – showing the Rolex Price List for the 10 most popular Used Models from a range of Luxury Watch Retailers based in the Middle East.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rolex Watch Price Online

You will find Rolex Watches Price in Dubai and the wider United Arab Emirates (UAE) on this page, to buy new and used. We are most focused on Second Hand Rolex Watch Prices, as you can quite easily visit an official Rolex retailer to get yourself a brand new timepiece at the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). 

The Prices on Used Rolex Watches can give a significant discount compared to buying new, but also you may be able to find very specific models from different years which are highly sought after. It will also enable you to buy Rolex Watches for Investment purposes, if your looking to hopefully profit on your purchase.

in Dubai

Rolex Watches

Take a look at a vast selection of Used Rolex Watches with Price in Dubai, UAE.

The Luxury Closet is a Dubai Based Online Store, specializing in pre-loved Luxury Goods.

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Rolex Watches with Price in Dubai, UAE 1

Rolex Submariner 5514

38,653 AED

The Submariner is the most popular Rolex Watch of all time. Being the first waterproof watch back in 1922.

Although it was the Rolex Oyster that was the breakthrough model coming out 4 years later in 1926.

Sea-Dweller from Rolex Price in Dubai UAE

Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665

63,751 AED

The Sea-Dweller is targeted for Divers but its great looks & durability make it a sought after model – if one can afford the additional cost over the Submariner Rolex UAE Price of course.

Rolex Explorer I Price in Dubai UAE

Rolex Explorer I

The Explorer is an Expedition Watch from Rolex, designed for the 1954 Mount Everest Expedition – its a rugged watch with an easy to read dial. It uses a self winding movement and the Rolex Explorer Price in Dubai (UAE) is more affordable than most of the other models.

25,472 AED

Rolex Watches with Price in Dubai, UAE 2

Rolex DateJust

The DateJust series of Rolex Watches are designed for appearance, if your after something to stand out rather than for functionality – the Rolex DateJust might just be the right watch for you! Many different models are available, including Diamond Rolex Watches with a wide array of very different designs.

The Prices for this Rolex Watch in Dubai (UAE) vary, with the standard models selling for around 35,000 AED.

35,656 AED

Rolex is renowned for the Oyster Perpetual, which was the first waterproof case released back in 1926. This design continued through the decades and remains the foundation of Rolex’s reputation within the Luxury Watch market.

Most of the different models out today still use the Oyster Perpetual case with its design giving their watches its distinguished and widely recognizable look. With a majority of people instantly aware of someone wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

Dubai (UAE)

Best Rolex Prices

If your keen on buying Used Rolex Watches and are based in the Gulf Region, you should look no further than The Luxury Closet – who offer authenticity guarantees, along with a great reputation and located within Dubai – so giving more peace of mind if something goes wrong.

Most Popular Rolex Watches

With UAE Price

  • (1) Rolex Submariner

    The Submariner Series are the most popular Rolex Watches in the World Today. With it topping all Rolex Watches by Sales and Recognition, its reasonably priced brand new (for a Rolex) and offers great attributes including waterproof rating of 300m, clean and stylish appearance and holds its value incredibly well.

    31,132 AED
  • (2) Rolex Daytona

    The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph is a stunning timepiece, made from Stainless Steel and sporting the Calibre 4130. The case and band are made from Stainless Steel and brings forth an elegant silvery appearance.Its sold as a Divers Watch and is a great option along with the Submariner for that purpose. The Dial has a real classy look and is one of my favourites.

    79,800 AED
  • (3) Rolex Yacht-Master

    The Rolex Yacht-Master is a popular Watch, perfect for anyone on the high seas or merely looking for a highly advanced watch with a unique style.

    27,290 AED
  • (4) Rolex DateJust

    A sleek and stylish Mens Rolex Dress Watch, with the signature date function to the right of the dial. A smart looking watch and affordable when it comes to Rolex. A large selection of these are available pre-loved at The Luxury Closet Dubai, of varying looks and materials.

    22,340 AED
  • (5) Rolex GMT-Master

    The GMT-Master II is able to easily switch between two time zones. It has an independent rapid-setting for the hour hand and always stays precise, even when switching between “home” time and travel destination. It has a similar style to the Rolex Submariner but is only waterproof to a depth of 100m.

    36,159 AED
  • (6) Rolex President

    Luxuriously designed with a bark finish bezel, this classy wristwatch from the house of Rolex is the epitome vintage style.

    41,587 AED
  • (7) Rolex Day-Date

    Crafted using lush yellow gold and featuring a limited edition black dial with diamond hour markers, this smart timepiece, with a day-window at the 12th hour aperture and a date window at the 3rd hour aperture, comes with an yellow gold bracelet and is the perfect way to embrace a graceful look that makes you stand out in the crowd.

    62,506 AED
  • (8) Rolex Sea Dweller

    Part of the Rolex Sea-Dweller collection, this wristwatch is the perfect addition to your classy wardrobe. Featuring an exquisite black dial that is characterized by a stainless steel design and a smart stainless steel strap.

    63,751 AED
  • (9) Rolex Explorer

    The Rolex Explorer wrist watch for men is elegant and stylish. It features a round stainless steel case with a smooth matching bezel. The watch’s dial is a stunning deep black colour and features luminous raised baton indices and Arabic numerals to mark the time. The hands have a Mercedes detailing.

    25,472 AED
  • (10) Rolex Air King

    The Rolex Air King wristwatch for men is elegant and strong. The watch has a stainless steel case and a smooth bezel in a round shape. The face of the dial is blue and has raised baton indices to mark the time. The watch has an intricate stainless steel strap in oyster style with a fold over clasp.

    14,341 AED

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Buy These Rolex Watches

Buy these Watches from the Luxury Closet at the Prices shown for the UAE. There are a huge collection of Rolex models available, with new ones being added daily – so be sure to check out the full list of Dubai prices of Rolex Watches.

Most Expensive

Rolex Watch In The World

In 2017 Paul Newmans Rolex Cosmograph Daytona became the Most Expensive Rolex Watch ever, selling for $17.8 Million (65.4 Million AED). This watch is also the most expensive of all Wristwatches, not just Rolex.

The 1963 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona had become synonymous with Newman  and with these models selling for high prices at auction in the past, it was expected that when the one worn by Newman himself came to be sold – it would be highly sought after – and it was, with the watch ending up with an anonymous bidder during the Phillips Auction.

Most Expensive Rolex - Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona

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