Best Rolex Watches with Price in UAE, Dubai

You’ve decided on Rolex as the brand for your Luxury Timepiece? If so you’re going to want to find the right Rolex Watch at the best price – here we have you covered.

The Online Retail market is not as established as the west but several trusted retailers do exist that serve the market in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Scroll down for a complete list of Retailers that serve the gulf region which are highly rated and trusted.

Find 2019 Prices on Rolex Watches in The United Arab Emirates and Middle Eastern Regions.


Most Trusted Luxury Watch Retailers

Best Retailers


Notable Rolex Models

Mens Rolex Submariner
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Mens Rolex Submariner

Model Number = 5513

The Submariner Series are the most popular Rolex Watches in the World Today. With it topping all Rolex Watches by Sales and Recognition, its reasonably priced brand new (for a Rolex) and offers great attributes including waterproof rating of 300m, clean and stylish appearance and holds its value incredibly well.

Obtaining the more classic models can be costly due to demand, but newer ones can be obtained at ‘affordable’ prices in the middle east.

New & Used Models Available

Mens Rolex GMT-Master
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Mens Rolex GMT-Master

Model Number = 1675

The Submariner Series are the most popular Rolex Watches in the World Today. Seeks to bring

New & Used Models Available

Mens Rolex Blue Sea-Dweller
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Mens Rolex Blue Sea-Dweller

Model Number = 114300

The Deepsea Sea-Dweller was initially designed to be a more overly engineered and better performing version of the Submariner. With it capable of going even deeper under water, with its waterproofing rated at 3900m of depth which is incredible when you consider it compared with a quite satisfactory 300m of the Submariner.

This is a watch designed for extreme environments and great depths, a true explorers watch for those who seeked to push the limits of what humanity could do – with a workable timepiece in tow. Perfect for those living underwater, exploring the depths of the seas or just someone looking for probably the most durable of all Luxury Watches ever.

New & Used Models Available

Mens Rolex Daytona Cosmograph
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Mens Rolex Daytona Cosmograph

Model Number = 116500LN

The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph is a stunning timepiece, made from Stainless Steel and sporting the Calibre 4130. The case and band are made from Stainless Steel and brings forth an elegant silvery appearance.

Its sold as a Divers Watch and is a great option along with the Submariner for that purpose. The Dial has a real classy look and is one of my favourites.

New & Used Models Available

Mens Rolex Yacht-Master
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Mens Rolex Yacht-Master

Model Number = 116622

The Rolex Yacht-Master is a popular Watch, perfect for anyone on the high seas or merely looking for an advanced watch. You can take a look at the most recent version here.

New & Used Models Available

Popular Rolex Watches

Rolex is renowned for the Oyster Perpetual, which was the first waterproof case released back in 1926. This design continued through the decades and remains the foundation of Rolex’s reputation within the Luxury Watch market.

Most of the different models out today still use the Oyster Perpetual case with its design giving their watches the distinguished and recognizable look. With a majority of people instantly aware of someone wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

The Top 10 Rolex Models by Sales

  1. Submariner
  2. Cosmograph Daytona
  3. Yacht-Master
  4. DateJust
  5. GMT Master
  6. President
  7. Day Date
  8. Sea Dweller
  9. Explorer
  10. Air King

10 Cheapest New Rolex Watches

  1. Oyster Date ($6,150)
  2. Explorer ($6,500)
  3. Air-King ($6,700)
  4. Submariner ($8,100)
  5. Explorer II ($8,750)
  6. Milgauss ($8,850)
  7. Yacht-Master ($11,000)
  8. Sea-Dweller ($12,250)
  9. Daytona Cosmograph ($12,400)
  10. GMT-Master ($41,000)


Most Expensive Rolex Watch Ever


Most Expensive Rolex - Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona


In 2017 Paul Newmans Rolex Cosmograph Daytona became the Most Expensive Rolex Watch ever, selling for $17.8 Million (65.4 Million AED). This watch is also the most expensive of all Wristwatches, not just Rolex.

The 1963 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona had become synonymous with Newman  and with these models selling for high prices at auction in the past, it was expected that when the one worn by Newman himself came to be sold – it would be highly sought after – and it was, with the watch ending up with an anonymous bidder during the Phillips Auction.

Buy Your Rolex Watch in Dubai

As you can see there is a tremendous selection of retailers that ship to Dubai and the rest of the UAE, whether you want Pre-owned or New Unworn Models – one of these will cover you. Your going to want to consider import duties and additional taxes that may be relevant if you choose a company not based within the country – and as such do factor that into any price listed.

The one retailer we’d highly recommend due to it being based within Dubai, is the Luxury Closet – you can see a little more about buying a Pre-loved Rolex online through them further down.


The Luxury Closet

This is a retailer that specializes in New & Used luxury items such as watches, clothing, and accessories from the top designer brands including Rolex, Omega, Gucci and many others. They sell both pre-owned and brand new fine watches and other goods. The company has an offline store based in Dubai and sells directly to buyers. They also list their products on their website and deliver to you.

Check Them Out 


How it Works

The Luxury Closet works by offering to buy or re-sell on a person behalf, they check the items for authenticity and offer guarantees on this for all products. They currently have an 8 out 10 rating on Trust Pilot, with many positive reviews from their GCC customers.

Reviews of The Luxury Closet

Recent Reviews show customers reporting quick deliveries and excellent customer service. The few negative reviews are showing that some products people are receiving have more marks or wear in regards to the condition they were described as, often on designer bag products. Nothing would indicate customers receiving anything but authentic watches and other goods.

Selection of Rolex Watches

The Luxury Closet offers a wide selection of Time Pieces from Rolex, with 200 different Rolex watches available at the most recent update of this article.

Do I have To Pay Customs Duty at The Luxury Closet?

No, Unlike Chrono 24 and Timepiece 360 which are marketplaces where private watch sellers deal with the buyer directly.

The Luxury Closet receives luxury watches from customers, checks authenticity, quality and sells them directly to you from Dubai, UAE. This means you will not be liable for customs duty or extra fees on top of the price listed.



Official Rolex Retailers

If you’re looking for a new watch you have a choice of official Rolex dealers, many of which reside within the great cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The price will be higher from such stores yet the purchase will come with better aftermarket services and longer warranty.

Official Dealers



Buy from Souq

If you’re looking to buy online, the most obvious place would be to check out what Souq has to offer. Souq is the premier online retailer for the middle east, it is owned by Amazon and so distribution and trust of the platform should give you some piece of mind.

Is it Safe To Buy Rolex Watches from Souq?

Souq is an established and well-known retailer across the GCC region, it needs to retain an impeccable reputation among its customers or the company will fail – as Emiratis and others will avoid using them, especially on high ticket luxury products.

Many of the products are sold by third-party sellers, especially in the luxury watch category – so you should pay attention to reviews on the seller and look for legal guarantees of authenticity and details of the warranty.

Cash on Delivery (CoD) is available on most purchases, so before finalizing the purchase you will have the opportunity to check the piece before paying.



Online Market Places

You can buy used Rolex Watches online through marketplaces, these provide a platform for sellers to list their used watches in which buyers can then purchase via the platform. Chrono 24 and Time Piece 360 are the two big names in this space and are large international companies.

Visit Chrono 24 



  • Large Selection of Watches
  • Competitive Prices, Option To Haggle on Price
  • International Reach
  • Escrow Available

Here you will find a huge selection of Rolex Time Pieces for sale from people all over the world. If you’re looking for a specific model and year of Rolex – you will have a good chance of finding what you are looking for.


  • Risk of Fraud
  • Hidden Costs
  • Delivery Times Higher from Sellers in Other Countries

The problem with using a platform such as Chrono 24, is that you will be dealing directly with a private seller. Therefore the risk of fraud is higher, getting a fake Rolex, possible issues returning items and additional fees (Customs, Escrow etc).

In our view, using an online market place to buy a Used Rolex Watch is highly risky. Rolex is the most counterfeited watch in the world due to its brand recognition and popularity.

If you decide to use such a service, its recommended to meet the seller in a trusted watch store and having it checked before handing over any money.

If you want to get it delivered to you, its advisable to use Souq or The Luxury Closet for your purchase.

Most Trusted Stores To Buy Rolex Watches
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Best Retailers To Buy Rolex Watches from the Middle East. Using Trust Pilot Score.

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